Interview: XNilo Records

November 3, 2011 | By Dale Huffman (Metal Pulse Radio)
MPR: I’m here with founders, David Michael and Janette Ralston of the new Indie Christian label, XNilo Records that was just launched on 11-1-11.

1. I know you both are a busy people so I would like to thank you for doing this interview with me.
David: My pleasure, bro. I really appreciate your support!

Janette: Thank you for having us. All the support from Metal Pulse has meant a lot to us.

2. How did you guys decide on the name XNilo and what does it mean?
Janette: Deciding on the name XNilo was actually pretty easy. Dave came up with it, and we knew immediately that it was the right name….It just clicked.

David: We wanted a name that fit the label’s mission, background and what it represented. Then one day I was watching the video, “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Strobel (a must see btw) and that term ‘ex-nihilo’ was used in a quote. It was one of those moments that hit you like,  ‘That’s it!’. (laughs) That term fit everything we were looking was perfect.
I think it was summed up perfectly on our website, so I’ll just quote the site: [The name XNilo comes from the Latin phrase ‘ex nihilo’ [ex nee-loh], which means “out of nothing”.  It’s often used in reference to God and Creation. God is The Creator ex-nihilo, that is, He created from out of nothing. This name speaks directly to who we are as a label and the bands/artists that join our family. We were nothing before Christ and we are nothing apart from Christ. For “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” (John 1:3)]

3. What led up to the creation of XNilo Records?
Janette: Wow………… the long story of life. (laughs) Honestly, I really don’t know where to start. This has been passion of ours for a long time with years of discussing, planning, and work leading to this moment.

David: That’s a great question! J’s right, it’s a long story (laughs) but I’ll give you the very short edited version.
As you know, Dale, I’m a musician myself and I’ve been in my own band for several years now. I’ve also been involved with many other music projects over the years, so needless to say, through these experiences I’ve seen the pros and cons of the Christian music business industry. Simply put, mixing ministry and business with music can be very tricky and running a Christian record label is certainly no exception. You have to conduct business with good stewardship and for a label that means doing your homework on: the industry, laws, contracts, sales, advertising, statistics and so on and so on.

At any rate, having these business practices in place, we originally started XNilo as a label name to launch our different projects but it soon became clear to us that there were other bands and artists out there that could use a label like XNilo in their corner. That is, a label that understood the business very well but also understood and supported the ministry on a very personal level. Therefore, after a lot of prayer, paper work and long nights, Janette and I put together a team of great people, also got some investors in place and officially launched XNilo Records. This has literally been years in the making..

4. What musical genres will XNilo be focusing on?
David: We’ll be primarily focusing on Christian Metal and Hard Rock.

Janette: I want to add that aside from the genres, the ministry of the band is also a very important factor. We are looking for very talented and creative bands that have a heart and a calling for ministry

5. Do you have any bands signed at this time?
David: Naturally we have our own projects but we’re also in discussion with bands and currently accepting submissions. As you know, we literally just officially opened a couple days ago and therefore, it was important to us that we wait to finalize any deals until after the label was officially launched.

6. What is your overall vision for this label?
David: The vision is multifaceted: 1) Create a record label where talented ministry-minded bands can call home. 2) Work with other Christian ministry-minded music outlets: such as radio and media, partnering record labels, and so on. 3) Build up resources that can be helpful to bands in the industry whether they are on our label or not. 4) Well, as you know, Dale, there’s much more coming from XNilo that will be revealed in the coming weeks. Until certain things are finalized I can’t say, but we’re excited to see what God has in-store and we hope to reveal the other news very soon. So, stay tuned.

Janette: I couldn’t have said it any better. I would only add that our goal is to be different. We have learned a lot through our personal experiences in the music business. We know what can be accomplished by thinking ‘outside the box’

7. Thanks again for taking time out to be with us. Where can we find you on the web?
David: Thanks, bro. XNR is proud to be partnered with you and Metal Pulse Radio. You can visit XNilo Records online at:

Janette: Thank you! And Dale,….Zip-it! (laughs)

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