Shawn Browning Interview

This interview will be with a good friend of mine, Shawn Browning. My first conversation with Shawn Browning was when I asked Grave Robbers to be a part of Metal Pulse Radio Night in the Sanctuary Tent at Cornerstone 2007. He accepted. If I’m not mistaken it was their second show at Cornerstone. Ever since then Shawn and I have been very good friends. I would like to thank you, Shawn, for many great years of friendship and your support of Metal Pulse Radio. So now we are going to sit back and see what is going on Grave Robber’s world as well as new news with Rottweiler Recordsk for hanging

Thank for hanging with the Metal Pulse Rock Community!
It is great to have you here. Dude, always a blessing to be involved with Metal Pulse and even more so with the one and only, Dale Huffman!

Shawn, I see on Facebook a lot has been going on. Could you fill us in on what has been happening with Grave Robbers?

It’s Grave Robber, singular. There’s only ONE Grave Robber! (John 5:28-29, 1 Cor 15:51 ) Ok, so we finally scored a drummer after a two year search. Plus, two brand new guitarist. Well, actually one of our old guitarists came back. I honestly think we are stronger than ever. We are working on a new album called, “Escaping The Grave”, which we hope to have out by July. At the end of this month we are traveling to Mexico to play Exodo Fest with Deliverance silent Planet, Deborah, and a bunch of other awesome bands.. The fest is held on top of a volcano! Jim Chaffin will be filling in on drums for us. We are pretty excited about that! We are also playing Audiofeed, Kingdom Come Festival, Bash On The Farm, and Solid Rock And Metal Fest. In November, we are doing a full tour of Mexico, hitting every state
I see you sold t-shirts to help fund Grave Robbers trip to New Mexico. Was it successful?

Yes, it was. We are very fortunate to have some amazing people around the world who are very supportive of what we do.

If anyone has seen a Grave Robbers concert you have seen the costumes. What kind of reactions do you get from the Christian bands that you have played with as well as the Christian community in general? Mostly it’s positive. We get the occasional negative response, but overall it seems that people understand we are implementing the Apostle Paul’s tactics at Mars hill and simply speaking a language that folks in the horror punk community can understand. Oddly enough, little old church ladies get it. Most of the heat comes from new, immature believers or from youth group kids at uber legalistic churches. But, that’s far and few in between.201


is it true that one of Grave Robbers albums in 2010 made the top 100 in Heaven’s Metal Magazine? Actually that was an album we recorded in 2007 and was originally release on Retroactive records called, Be Afraid. I was completely dumbfounded! To read my band’s name on a list of artists that influenced not only my music, but my walk was really an incredible moment for me. Truly humbling. I don’t take a single bit of credit for that.


We are going to talk about the other band you worked with, ATD. Could you tell us what that stands for? All The Departed. Unfortunately that band is now defunct. But, I’ve learned to never say never in rock and roll!


Are you planning to put out any new music soon? Yes. As I stated before, Grave Robber has a new record coming out, plus an acoustic record. Also, we are hoping to finish up a covers record, slated to be released on Thumperpunk Records. I’ve also been slowly working on a goth metal project called, Pelennor Fields that includes Sebat from Frost Like Ashes, Larvae from Rackets and Drapes, Skot from Leper, KL from The Wedding Party, and Kaleb from The Burial. It’ll musically be like Type O Negative meets H.I.M. meets The Cult meets Black Sabbath. Lyrically, it’ll be what I’ve done for 15 years and that’s glorify Jesus Christ.


Will you be performing any live shows this year? Grave Robber has a tons of shows, but Pelennor Fields most likely won’t. We live all over the place! 9.Has ATD put out a cd yet? No. We recorded 4 songs. Never finished them. But, who knows!


When did you start Rottweiller Records? What was the reason you wanted to start your own label?

  1. Grave Robber had just lost a deal with a label and it came out of the realization that I had everything around me that I needed to help out young bands and see that what happened to us wouldn’t happen to them. That was NOT Retroactive Records, by the way. We left Retroactive to go with this other label. Matt Hunt at Retroactive Records was absolutely awesome to us!


How many bands do you have on your label? 16, but there’s two bands who have not been announced yet!


Could you tell us about any new releases coming up?

We just released Aggelos’ “Silentium” March 11th and April 1st Forfeit Thee Untrue’s “Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam” drops.202


With all of this on your plate how do you fit in family time?

We homeschool and I work from home, so I’m with my family non-stop!


What role does God play in the band and in your life personally?
He’s LORD. That means Lord of EVERY aspect of my life. I like to clown a lot on social media, but when it comes to my faith, I’m extremely serious and live by high biblical standards. I begin every day by thanking Him for another chance. I mean, His mercies are new every day and I certainly fall on His mercy. To be honest, without Jesus Christ, I’d probably be dead by now. He radically delivered me and changed my life 100%. As for the band, I do it all for Him. Every original band endeavor I’m involved in is entirely for the purpose of glorifying God and lifting up the name of Jesus Christ. In fact, everything I do filters through the fact that I’m a born again, Bible believing Christian.
 If I missed anything please fill me in with your final thoughts?
My only last thought is thank you to everyone who’s supported Grave Robber and Rottweiler Records. You are appreciated much more than you could possibly know!


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