Album Review: Ransom (25th Anniversary Edition)

January 26, 2011 | By Dale Huffman (Metal Pulse Radio) for Untombed WebZine

Ransom – Ransom (25th Anniversary Edition)
Intense Millennium Records – 2011
Another hard to find, classic metal release from Intense Millennium Records. This is the 20th anniversary re-release of Ransom’s self titled album.

To tell the truth twenty years ago I wasn’t too into female fronted metal bands. However, Lisa Faxon started to change my view of that with her vocal range and straight ahead metal. Her voice reminds me of a saved Lita Ford. She does a killer job with the ballad, “I Will Never Leave You”. This is one of Christian metal’s best female fronted acts.

Tony Ortiz’ shredding ablilities shine on this album. Twenty years later his guitar playing can still hold up to the best in today’s metal scene.

Some of my favorite songs on this album are “Ransom”, “Fallen Angel”, and “Lasting Love”. Along with this release are some outstanding bonus tracks. “Sticks and Stones” and “To Be Like You”. From their California Metal II compilation release comes “Sin That kills”.

Over the years I don’t believe this album has gotten the credit that it justly deserves. It’s great to see a label re-release a truly classic heavy metal album such as Ransom.

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