Prophet Within Interview

Been a big fan of this band music when they put out Prophet Within [Demo] in 2011. Been play there Metal Pulse Radio very since. So I up caught up with Jay the lead singer of Prophet Within .

1. Thank you for hanging with the Metal Pulse Radio rock community! It is great to have you here!
**No Thank you, its my pleasure. We appreciate your support over the past few. years

2. Can you tell us about Prophet Within? When did you guys get started? Who is in the band.
**I began PW approximately 2010 after I walked away from my secular group Darkwater and all the excesses that came with singing for the devil, which in hindsight was what i was doing. On the outside I was having the time of my life, but inside I was a mess abusing alcohol, sexual immorality, deep depression and a slew of other darkness that consumed me. But yet the toll it was taking in me was hidden, as I went to work everyday, took care of my kids, and led a generally average existence to those looking at the outside. But inside I mocked and challenged God, enjoyed every sin and excess Satan had to offer, but the second it wasn’t available or “the party was over”, I would sink into depression at the realization of what my life truly was. It would remain at least until the “wine, women, and song” would return to my life, usually the next night or weekend.
I wanted out so bad as I knew a big part of my issues was the fact that, as a member of a rather successful band, I was direct access to all the things and pleasures to destroy myself, which is what Satan wanted. I was keenly aware of my direct disobedience to God and the devils hold on my life, but I was by no means a “church guy”. I didn’t want to leave a band that I had invested so much in and to have nothing by walking away….But God had other plans.
God allowed me to see more and more of my world through his eyes. I became more and more disgusted with myself and my actions. Shame would not fully express how I felt. My band began to unravel , inner turmoil, and some of the same excesses i enjoyed daily were now part of my bandmates lives. The music no longer seemed to mattered to any of us. He allowed me to see where I truly was and this allowed me to walk away from not “my life’s work” , but the thing that would end my life. So i quit the band.
I was miserable ,as I loved music ,but I was willing to quit it altogether if it meant my life would be saved by doing so. I wanted to be around years from now for my children as well…
Somehow I was introduced to the music and testimony of Brian Head Welch, formally of Korn. Here’s a guy who had walked away from a being a megastar and was living for God ,who had saved him. Made me think, could I too live a better life and still perform? It wasn’t going to involve God directly because I had written songs that directly mocked him & challenged his authority. There was no way He would have me in his life…I was wrong again.
Weeks and months went by of me trying to be a “good boy” on my own with no avail. I didn’t have a band to blame my poor judgement on, cause here I was back in the same bars ,doing the same mess.
That was until , I got invited to a local church that was being planted. I knew all that was going on in my heart was God speaking so I decided to go. I was actually surprised as this young pastor was tattooed more than me and nobody cared what I looked like at all. they said come on in brother…and behold, who was the guest speaker coming that weekend? Mr. Brian Head Welch coming to share his testimony with us…it surely impacted me. As I continued to attend the church ,I felt every sermon was directed at me and my current tribulations. Service never ended without me shedding never before seen tears. I asked the Lord to save me and use me in what ever manner he sees fit. He spoke to me and said “I gave you a voice so you can make music, but you can make music for me..” He wanted me to make music and share my experiences, good and bad, within it. So I decided I would put together a group to honor that. Thus ,the search for musical men of God began….
To wrap it up, I went through a lot more things wasn’t an easy fix…in fact I’m far from fixed. But I’m saved by Christ and that’s where I begin again

3. Prophet Within is an interesting name. have any special meaning?
***My thought was that throughout the Bible, God used people for an array of things. Their very existence was designed for Gods will and purposes ,no matter how small of a task he had in store for them. Everyone has a purpose of some sort and that’s why every life is so precious to him. He had some folks with very direct purposes and these were the prophets. I felt that there is a specifically designed purpose or task that you tap into when you connect with God and find out what he has planned for you. That mission is not always obvious or apparent , and you may not even realize you’re completing it. It could be the interaction with just one individual that God set up for you to lead to Christ or share to thousands. It could be just show a kind word or give help to a person in need. It could be saving his people from Pharaoh and leading them out of Egypt, who knows! I believe my testimony and music are my gift that was I meant to share as well as my bandmates, we all have a story. So there’s a “Prophet” big task or small within everyone heart when they connect with God and receive him.

4. How would you describe your music to some how never heard you guys?
***Hmm.. tough one. Were so multi influenced its hard to say. Hard rock for sure, but with God inspired lyrics that take you on a journey through our lives and more. Love bands like Skillet, Seventh Day Slumber and Red, but Id like to write some tunes more like Kutless…awesome worship group, but still rockin’. Like I said , tough one.

5. I see you have a new album coming out next year. Could you tell us about it? Do you have a title pick out? Do you have the art work done for the cover?
**Were slowly writing , because of work and life schedules. But I think its going to be great. If it doesn’t honor God, I don’t want to put it out honestly. But we definitely take a few new musical directions with a few of the songs, its not all hard rock. I design multiple cover ideas for the cd art but none are undecided. It will based off the cd name of our title track “Between Two Worlds”. My insight on this is us living in this world and eventually the celestial one. But the song idea was James’ (lead guitar/vocals) and he’s got a deeper translation of the title.

6. Do you have release date be for the new album?
** No unfortunately. We’ve yet to record, just working on perfecting what we’ve written to get into the studio, which also takes money of course. So when the time is right, I believe God will honor what were trying accomplish and we will get this album recorded.104

7. You guys put out your first album Speak Through Me in 2012 . What has the feedback been like about the album?
**It was great actually ,even though most people never wanted to admit they were digging some Christian tunes. We were happy with it and were able to get a lot of our chest spiritually. I loved recording it

8.When you compose a song where do you get your ideas? How does the song evolve?
***Sometimes its a riff from James and I hear a melody and we go from there. As far as subject matter, I search myself first. I look for something In struggling with or that’s on my heart at the moment. If not there I look at what others may be experiencing and I try and look through there eyes and sing on how I may deal with that situation, how would I feel?

9. What role does God play in the band and in your life personally?
***Its all or nothing with God and the music. He is the sole reason we make music. I personally don’t want to play if its not involving God, he’s the sole reason I’m still alive to make music. I’m sure the guys would agree. As far as life goes, were sought after more than anyone by Satan. We struggle with certain things and situations as anyone does, but God is the Centerpoint of our lives. I personally know I do, I’m probably the “baby Christian” of the group as living for someone besides myself is a relatively new term for me.

10. When you are playing a show what song gets the biggest reaction? ( the one I like playing the most on Metal Pulse Radio is Speak Through Me)
***Speak does fairly well, but id say Escape and Master Plan are my favs onstage because we get so pumped playing them and if were rockin out to them then others seem to catch on. But funny enough, we still have folks that are afraid to show they are totally digging something we played because we profess our faith in secular venues. They’ll gladly come up after or in private and tell us how much they loved the show or I dig what you were singing about on that one song…”.

11.What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
**Time. We love what we do and who we do it for. We love it so much we wish it was our day job. Unfortunately, this a second career for all of us, a costly one at that. We all have full time jobs and families that sometimes take precedence over free time to perform or even practice. Other than that were fairly open and honest with each other and hold one another accountable in life.

12.Do you take much slack from other bands for your association with Christian music?
*** In the beginning I did. I primarily book and have all the show connections as I was very active in the secular clubs and venue around here in San Antonio. The same folks I had once done drugs, drank or partied with wanted nothing to do with me or my music once I got that “disease” called Jesus. They were content where they were in life and I guess that I would spend my time trying to convert everyone while onstage. Or a few bands ,even though they loved the tunes, would pull off of a show once they read up on us and discovered we were Christians. I don’t think they were Anti-Christian , but more so didn’t want any light shined on them. Because deep down inside they felt convicted about their own lyrics or show content and knows God is real and watching… But were in a good place now.
Honestly its darn near impossible to book a Church show or to perform for the youth here, its weird. If were not the Chris Tomlin or David Crowder worship type of tunes, we haven’t had the best reception in Gods own houses. But its not because of God, he tells me to keep knocking.

13.How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample ?
***We currently have a GoFundMe acct to raise studio funds Within. If you feel like donating you can or pre-order our new cd. Either option you choose , I will send you a hard copy of our debit cd Speak Through Me in addition to a copy of the new one once it released.
Websites down at the moment but were all over the internet. We can be purchased on ITunes, Google, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify…pretty much anyplace you find digital downloads. Were also on ,YouTube, and Facebook. We have a few music videos online as well. And of course fine stations like your own.. 107

14. Thank you for taking time to do this interview with me. Do you have any parting words of wisdom for our readers?
**If ya Fall, get up. Ya Fall again ,get up again. God will not just allow you lie there to wither. So listen when he speaks. Simple. I fail God daily and it only motivates me to seek him more. Makes me a better man, father, and Christian.
Thanks again Dale for all of your support of our group over the years and we will continue to pray for your healing and wellbeing brother. Thank you and God Bless you all.

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