Album Review: BRIM – Declaration of Dependence

 August 22, 2010 | By Dale Huffman (Metal Pulse Radio) for Untombed WebZine

Brim – Declaration of Dependance

Brim is a four piece band hails out of Tennessee. This is their first full length album. This is the first we have heard from them since Above the Ruins released in 2006. Right after their release of their EP Brim disbanded.

In 2009, Jack, the lead vocalist and guitarist, contacted me to tell me the band was back together and ready to rock. He wasn’t kidding when he said they came back rockin’.

I really enjoyed this album. What a change from Above the Ruins which was more commercial radio friendly. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple that would play well on the radio, “Weight of the World”, “Keys to Liberty”, and “Can’t Walk Away”. The rest of the album is straight out great rock starting with the first song, “Overcome”.

Jack’s vocals are a perfect complement to the hard rock instrumentation. The harder it gets the better it gets.

You know we can’t forget to bring attention to Dale’s guitar work in songs like “Going to Be Fine” and “Overcome”. The driving force of Mike on drums and Barry on bass bring the heaviness to this album.

The production of this album was pretty good, nothing really outstanding. Most important is that it is In-Your-Face gospel. So for the old school hard rockers and the new school rockers this album is a must.

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