Through music and live broadcast/chat, the goal of MPR is to give God glory, to reach the lost, encourage believers and to have fun.

In addition, MPR gives unknown bands a place to be heard. While both national and international acts can be heard on the show, the primary focus leans towards indie bands that would normally not be given airtime. There are many great bands out there spreading the gospel and MPR is proud to support those ministries.

Another staple of MPR has become the 3min Power Scripture segment. A few years ago God lead it on Dale’s heart to add more of God’s word to the broadcast so Dale ask his good friend David Michael if he would do a 3 min scripture segment for the show. David was blessed by the invitation and agreed to add his contribution. Today the Power Scripture is a fixture on the program.

“I pray that God keeps using Metal Pulse Radio for His glory and I look forward to seeing what He has in-store for MPR’s future.” ~Dale H. (aka. FishingD)


Metal Pulse Radio founded on September 1, 2007.
It started when Dale met the owner of Open Grave Records, which also ran a secular radio station by the same name. He asked Dale if he would be interested in doing a radio show on his station. After taking some time to pray about it Dale agreed to do it but with a few provisions: 1) He would only play Christian metal/rock 2) He would not compromise the word of God and 3) If God led him to speak on a certain subject then he would be allowed to speak freely.
The owner agreed and so.. .. Metal Pulse Radio was born!

Dale was surprised at how fast God was blessing MPR. It had some of the best numbers and highest listener turnouts, for which Dale gives God all the credit.

Today you can find the live broadcast on Untombed Radio and Sanctus Gladius Radio. In the near future, God willing, MPR will be working on a podcast version so that it can be aired anytime and anywhere.

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