The Covenant Metal Show interview with Dale Huffman of Metal Pulse Radio.

Shawn Browning Interview
This interview will be with a good friend of mine, Shawn Browning. My first conversation with Shawn Browning was when I asked Grave Robbers to be a part of Metal Pulse Radio Night in the Sanctuary Tent at Cornerstone 2007.
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Saving Darkness Interview
I  was talking to Frankie Bull on facebook about playing the music on the Radio show, We got to talking and  I thought it would be great to do an  interview with him about Saving Darkness. So here you go peeps you’re going to likeSouth Carolina
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Ash Wednesday Interview
Has anybody every heard of band by the name Ash Wednesday? They where a band back in the early 90`s?
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METAL PULSE RADIO TOP 20 albums for 2015

Ok here is Metal Pulse Radio top 20 of 2015. It was real hard to pick this with so many albums to pick from!

1. Reign – Reign
2. Worldview – The Chosen Few
3. Immortal souls – Wintermetal
4. Armageddon USA – Up In Flames
6. Bill Menchen – Blues Metal Trance
7. Vials of Wrath –  Days Without
8. Doomsday Hymn – Mene, Tequel, Ufarsim
9. Gear – State of the Human
10. Stryper – Fallen
11. Dead Artist Syndrome – Kissing Strangers
12. Soldiers of the Cross –  This War Wait For No one
13. Wonrowe Vision –  Headed Monster
14. Brutal Cross – The Perfect Storm
15. Supresion– Emerging extermination
17. CrossRock – Come on Baby
18. Millennial Reign – Carry the Fire
19. Mortification – Realm of the Skelataur
20. Sacradeath – Die Satan Die

Honorable Mention  Ep for 2015
STAIRWAY – The Demo Sessions  EP
Sweet Crystal – Quad
Skald – in veum – 1260 Days
Harken – 3 Dose of the Ghost [EP]
Grave Robber – Straight To Hell
Harmony -Remembrance

Guest on Scott Waters ‘What’s Spinning?’ video series

I was a guest on Scott Waters youtube video.. Had a great time doing this with him. We discuss 10 of our favorite Christian “hair metal” releases from the 80’s and early 90’s. Please check it out



Radio Interview with PROMISE LAND
Debuting 3 new songs from their upcoming release “Harmony In Ruins”
Originally aired on June 26th. [We are making the full interview available to you FOR ONE WEEK ONLY!]

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Promise Land : Harmony In Ruins

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Twitter: @PromiseLandBand




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